In childhood Ginger was already impressed with the capacity we have to relieve the suffering of others through touch.

Exploring massage for family and friends continued into adulthood,  In high school and early college Ginger focused her ambitions on the scientific academics of chemistry and mechanical engineering, infatuated with how things worked and existed on a deep level. In college, expanding her knowledge into other fields such as psychology and philosophy only fuelled her passion for the laws of how things related even more. 

Finding little satisfaction in the linear science models offered to further this study Ginger left academia to travel and learn experientially.  In time she came to understand how her career path could honor these theoretical interrelationships on a practical and applicable level.  She would find her voice amongst quantum physicists, doctors, and psychologists alike. 

In 2006, still drawn to be of service to help others, Ginger began her professional therapy career by training as a Neuro-Somatic Therapist and establishing her first practice in Nelson BC.   This approach taught her to draw upon knowledge from Chinese medicine, Tui Na massage, Chi Gong, Western therapeutic massage, as well as indegenous healing traditions. Here began her infatuation with medical anthropology and learning healing traditions from around the globe that would inspire her for years.

However she quickly learned that there were many barriers to creating holistic treatment approaches for her clients within the western medical system. Inspired to bridge the complementary models of healthcare she undertook the comprehensive 3000 hr BC registered massage therapy training program and in 2012 quickly grew a busy practice offering Therapeutic massage while always helping her clients to build a complete health care team of modern and holistic care. In this Ginger gained a lot of insight collaborating with doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, cranio-sacral therapists, psychologists, shamans, Chinese medicine practitioners, counsellors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, elders and traditional medicine peoples.   Bridging the languages and passions among these disciplines has become one her most sought after skills.  Along the way she has been developing complementary skills including, thai massage, yoga, sweat lodge teachings, and talking circle facilitation.

Always striving to find the healing potential in all her clients in Her busy clinical practice, Ginger began to notice certain trends in how often the body resisted healing when the nervous system was impacted by stress and trauma.   Following the best evidence for addressing these challenges, in 2017 Ginger undertook further training in somatics, this time with Relational Somatic Therapeutic Counselling.  Since then she has been offering one-to-one and group Somatic Counseling (RTC) as well as continuing her Massage Therapy Practice (RMT).  Aside from these two professional services, these days Ginger also teaches within YTT trainings, offers ceremony and ritual, and co-facilitates Family and Collective Constellations workshops. Ginger now offers much of her work online or workshops, and also in clinical practice when she is back in her home in Canada.  Always seeking the places where she can connect to the power of nature, she loves to travel, garden, hike, and study.