Relational Somatic counselling is an approach that is trauma informed and skilled with social systems of attachment.

Somatic therapy involves present moment awareness and explores bodily tension, gestures, and body sensations through a combination of awareness dialogue, movement, and/or touch.  In contrast to other traditional talk therapies that rely on thinking and analysis to change behaviour.

In this way Somatic therapy is considered a bottom-up approach that uses these present moment sensations as the entry points to the deeper unconsciously held patterns in our nervous systems. Instead of symptom management, we explore the roots of dis'ease' and connect to what is needed to free up our energy and health. 

Often insights into our behaviours are "discovered" once the body is listened to in this way and the information is allowed to move from sensation to thought. This approach supports the bio-psycho-social-spiritual-model of the human being to awaken the innate wisdom and resilience within each individual.

This type of therapy is especially effective for stress related disorders including the following:
- Boundaries violations
- Physical trauma related to accident or injury
- Emotional trauma
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Developmental trauma

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